As you read these words, 10,000 different nanomachines are at work inside your body. These are true nanomachines,Each one is a machine built to nanoscale specifications, with each atom precisely placed and connected to its neighbors.

Your body is arguably the most complex mechanism in the known universe, and most of the action occurs at the nanoscale level. These nanomachines work in concert to orchestrate the many processes of life—eating and breathing, growing and repairing, sensing danger and responding  to it, and reproducing.
Remarkably, many of these nanomachines will still perform their atomsized functions after they are isolated and purified, provided that the environment is not too harsh.They do not have to be sequestered safely inside cells. Each one is a self-sufficient molecular machine. Already, these nanomachines have been pressed into service. Natural digestive enzymes like pepsin and lysozyme are so tough that they can be added to laundry detergent to help digest away stains.
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